Here you can find theses of Know-Center employees

Aspekte von e-Learning Umgebungen

Dissertation Thomas Dietinger 2003

Tremendous advances in computer technology and the evolution of the Internet have led to new approaches in learning and training which are summarized under the term e-Learning. This thesis will explain what can be expected from e-Learning and although especially focused on the technological basis, will examine all kinds of…

Hybrides Lernen - Integration von eLearning in traditionelle Unterrichtsmethoden

Thesis (old curriculum) Herbert Pacnik 2002

eLearning can be introduced from the scratch within corporate environments only in rare cases. Most often traditional training concepts are well established and need to be taken into account when developing an integrated concept for eLearning. Much literature is available on how to build eLearning right from the beginning, but…

Wissensmanagement zur Unterstützung von Kundenbeziehungsmanagement - Konzepte, Technologien und ein Prototyp

Thesis (old curriculum) Peter Scheir 2002

This thesis shows how knowledge management can be applied for the successful realization of customer relationship management activities. First, this thesis introduces the topics 'knowledge management' and 'customer relationship management'. Next, aspects of both are combined into knowledge management in customer relationship management or 'customer knowledge management', for short. A…

Visualisation Islands: Interactive Visualisation and Clustering of Search Result Sets

Thesis (old curriculum) Vedran Sabol 2001

The amount of knowledge available electronically is increasing exponentially. Huge amounts of information are available over the Internet and searching for a specific topic often results in a large number of matches. A significant portion of hits is often not at all of interest and the retrieved information contains no…

Knowledge Management Technologies in Context

Dissertation Herwig Rollett 2001

Most of the knowledge management literature to date is written either from a business perspective, tending to ignore important technological considerations, or from a technology perspective, tending to ignore the larger organizational context. By contrast, this thesis focuses on the role of technologies in knowledge management without losing sight of…

Automatische Orchestrierung von Knowledge Discovery Services

Dissertation Werner Klieber

Knowledge discovery processes need to be flexibly configurable for various domain scenarios. This includes the specification of the tasks, their orchestration, integration and optimising. Modelling of such processes allows an implementation independent and intuitive usage. However, for complex tasks it becomes difficult to select the appropriate services and put them…

Linked Data for Non-Expert Users

Dissertation Patrick Hoefler

Linked Data has become an essential part of the Semantic Web. A lot of Linked Data is already available in the Linked Open Data cloud, which keeps growing due to an influx of new data from research and open government activities. However, it is still quite difficult to access this…

Virtual Director Technology for Social Video Communication and Live Event Broadcast Production

Dissertation Rene Kaiser

This thesis investigates several aspects of Virtual Director technology, i.e. software capable of intelligent real-time selection of live media streams. It addresses several research questions in this interdisciplinary field with respect to how a generic Virtual Director framework can be constructed, and how its behavior can be modeled and formalized…

Text Mining

Bachelor's thesis Benedikt Kienleitner

Reflective Learning at Work

Dissertation Angela Fessl

Goal Discovery Services For Social Software

Master's thesis Maida Osmic

Web Page Cleaning

Bachelor's thesis Franz Schreiner

Fact Extraction in Social Media Content

Dissertation Christopher Horn

Fact extraction and disambiguation on the Linked Open Data

Dissertation Andi Rexha

Modeling Activation Processes in Human Memory to Improve Tage Recommendations

Dissertation Dominik Kowald

With the emergence of Web 2.0, tag recommenders have becomeimportant tools, which aim to support users in ndingdescriptive tags for their bookmarked resources. Althoughcurrent algorithms provide good results in terms of tag predictionaccuracy, they are often designed in a data-drivenway and thus, lack a thorough understanding of the cognitiveprocesses that…


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