Here you can find theses of Know-Center employees

Projektfortscrhittstracking durch Informationsmanagement

Bachelor's thesis Markus Tobitsch

Automatisiertes Überführen ausgewählter Inhalte eines Systemmodells in eine Ontologie

Bachelor's thesis Matthias Seidl

Locating lost items using motion sensing on smartphones

Master's thesis Martin Daum

Everyone knows the annoying situation when personal items of appreciated value are disappeared and several precious minutes, or even hours, are was- ted for frantic searching. Modern technologies are useful for assisting in such moments. For example electronic key finders triggered by whistling ore remo- te controls are available over…

Detecting social interactions via mobile sensing

Master's thesis Markus Perndorfer

During a typical day, we have several social interactions with different people belonging to different semantic groups (e.g. Friends, family, co-workers). In this paper we try to find promising hypothesis to link data collected from a mobile sensing application running on the users smartphone to the social interactions he has…

Mobile Unterstützung zur Reflexion der Übungspraxis bei Musikstudierenden

Bachelor's thesis Josef Suschnigg

Analysis on human stress level using ambient noise and activity switches data

Master's thesis Alfred Wertner

Information workers are exposed to many influences which have the potential to interrupt work. Sources with a diversity of such influences are (i) open office environments as well as (ii) technological tools and devices. In the past the impact of these influences on an individual's behaviour at work strain more…

Multi-Sensor-Datenfusion zur Situationserfassung bei Großveranstaltungen

Master's thesis Armin Köfler



Dissertation Granit Luzhnica

Multi-Player Board Game - Implementation on Multi-Touch Table and Smartphones

Master's thesis Markus Höfer

Understanding and Supporting Intersubjective Meaning Making in Socio-Technical Systems: A Cognitive Psychology Perspective

Dissertation Sebastian Dennerlein

The planned dissertation will consider collaborative knowledge construction in socio-technical systems to shed more light on the process of Intersubjective Meaning Making (IMM) and provide it with adequate support. As essence of collaboration, IMM appears in the interactions of persons with or within all kinds of artifacts (e.g. documents, pictures,…

Entwicklung einer Visualisierung für Time Series Data

Bachelor's thesis Philipp Weißensteiner


Dissertation Belgin Mutlu

Interactive web-based graph visualization using Voronoi routing

Master's thesis Martin Six

Collaboration Support Mediated by Ubiquitous Personal Computing Technology

Dissertation Carla Barreiros

Feasibility and User Acceptance of activity-log based user profiles as intra-organizational awareness and contact information

Master's thesis Sandra Feyertag

Knowledge workers nowadays are increasingly confronted with challenges like collaboration between organizational entities distributed in geography as well as in specialization and growing demand for flexibility in topics and expertise while at the same time dealing with a degree of workload that often leaves transparency within an organization difficult to…


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