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Entwicklung einer mobilen Mind Map Applikation

Bachelor's thesis Jörg Simon 2014

Mind Maps are a tool developed by Tony Buzan to support creativ thinking, critical thinking, note taking and your memory, amongst other things. MeisterLabs developed MindMeister 2007, a online, real time collaborative MindMapping tool which runs in the browser. This work shows the developement of the MindMeister Mobile tools. In…

Creating Table Ground Truth with PDF Table Annotator

Bachelor's thesis Matthias Frey 2014

Table recognition is an important task in information retrieval anddocument analysis. Most scienti c work today is available in the formof PDF documents, and tables within those documents often containvaluable information. Various approaches for table recognition ex-ist, common to all is the need for ground-truthed datasets, to trainalgorithms or to evaluate…

Evaluieren von Big Data Lösungen

Bachelor's thesis Hossein Esmaeili 2014

The conventional data bank solutions like RDBMS were designed in the time where today's growth of data was not imaginable. As this inevitable growth happened especially during the last years, companies have tried to adapt their conventional data base installations to this expansion, but the fact is that these technologies…

Mobile Sensordata to Support Stroke Rehabilitation

Bachelor's thesis Martin Prinz 2014

A mobile application is developed which supports a doctor in the treatment of stroke patents in the phase when they are already at home. Specifically it supports the anaysis of the activity level and type of a stroke patient after he is send home. Quantitative measures for activity level and…

Eine Prototypische Umsetzung von Enterprise Search für Engineeringdaten am Virtual Vehicle

Bachelor's thesis Heimo Bischofter 2014

Eine Vielzahl von Softwareherstellern haben sich mit der Unternehmenssuche beschäftigt, undunterschiedliche Enterprise Search Lösungen mit breitem Funktionsspektrum präsentiert. Um dieEnterprise Search Lösungen schnell und effizient untereinander vergleichen zu können, wurdedie Systemarchitektur der Suchlösungen modelliert und mittels Fundamental Modeling Concepts(FMC) dargestellt. Dies bietet die Möglichkeit sich einen Überblick über die einzelnen…

Detecting Commercial Intent in Twitter

Bachelor's thesis Bernd Hollerit 2012

Extraction and Evaluation of Facts from Tweets

Bachelor's thesis Michael R. Kralowetz 2012

The goal of this thesis is to extract, evaluate and store information from tweets, thereby creating a gateway between the Semantic Web and the World Wide Web. Using a generated dataset from the social networking- and microblogging service Twitter, so called, from us defined, facts are filtered by using regular…

A general, web-based Information Extraction System using GATE and the Stanford Parser

Bachelor's thesis Paul Laufer 2012

This work presents the design and scientific background of a web-based information extraction system using the open-source GATE-library 1 (General Architecture for text engineering) [Ham12]. The application provides an extendable architecture for server-based high-level information extraction. Textual resources are annotated using a set of tools according to both, their semantic…

Rule-based test data extraction for training machine learning algorithms

Bachelor's thesis Florian Salbrechter 2011

In this thesis we examine the automatic generation of training data in order to train a machine learning algorithm. We will use a rule-based approach to generate the training data which is build using the GATE Natural Language Processing framework. The machine learning algorithm is using a statistical model, the…

Erfolgsfaktoren virtueller Communities

Bachelor's thesis Claus Bürbaumer 2011

Entwicklung einer Toolbar zur kollaborativen Qualitätsbewertung und Qualitätssteigerung in MediaWiki

Bachelor's thesis Wilhelm Jobstmann 2011

A MediaWiki is a Social Web application which supports a group or users to collaboratively create, maintain and share content. The main functionalities of a MediaWiki are creating, editing and linking articles to supply navigation between them and to add articles to categories ([Barrett, 2009]). In some cases it is…

RFID-driven Information Delivery with RSS-Feeds

Bachelor's thesis Mario Wagner 2011

Entwicklung eines semantische Mediawikis für die Lehre

Bachelor's thesis Bettina Sommerauer 2011

Plagiarism Analysis & Misuse Detection

Bachelor's thesis Martin Presenhuber 2011

MicroConf – An Extension for Microblogging at Conferences

Bachelor's thesis Philip Baumgartner 2011
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