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Entwicklung eines Video Portals im Web

Bachelor's thesis Fabian Hackhofer 2010

Entwicklung eines Video Portals im Web

Bachelor's thesis Karl Kappaun 2010

Hybrid Knowledge Services for Knowledge Work Support

Habilitation Stefanie Lindstaedt 2010

According to Peter Drucker, one of the major challenges of the 21st century is to increase the productivity of knowledge workers the way the productivity of industrial workers was increased in the 19th century. However, the dynamics and discretionary nature of knowledge work has made the design of useful and…

Evaluating a User Model with Implicit Knowledge Diagnosis for an Adaptive Work-Integrated Learning System: A Field Study

Thesis (old curriculum) Christine Pabst 2010

A main challenge for adaptive learning systems, especially in a working context, is a continuously updated knowledge diagnosis. Implicit knowledge diagnosis is a possible solution to assess work-integrated knowledge through naturally occurring behavior actions from a worker. The present study focuses on the validity of an implicit knowledge diagnosis (Knowledge…

Webbasierte Überwachung und Visualisierung von Anlagedaten

Master's thesis Thomas Gebhard 2010

The 21st century is characterized by a tremendous waste of energy and non-renewable resources. The effects of this behavior can be noticed throughout the world. Our society has already started to some extent to change their way of consumption towards a more sustainable utilization of available resources. The increasing importance…

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Bachelor's thesis Philip Kohler 2010

Suche und Klassifikation von informationstechnologischen Spezifikationen

Master's thesis Matthias Hilpold 2010

In our days the amount of digital data increases every day. A part of this data is available through the Internet for everyone and at any time. Different search engines support the user to find the desired information on the Internet. Even on an Intranet of a large company the…

Pragmatic Analysis of Tagging Motivation in Social Tagging Systems

Master's thesis Hans-Peter Grahsl 2010

Social tagging systems allow users to annotate different kinds of web-resources (URLs, photos, publications etc.) by means of a freely chosen and unbounded vocabulary of terms, so-called tags. While earlier research has been primarily focused on the analysis of the structure and the dynamics of social tagging systems, research has…

Studying the Effects of Goal-Oriented Search

Bachelor's thesis Ferdinand Woehrister 2010

A Cognitive Modeling Approach to Adaptive Work-integrated Learning

Habilitation Tobias Ley 2010

Analysis of Sequences of Machine States

Master's thesis Martin Stimpfl 2010

Data Mining is a keyword for methods and algorithms which are more and more evolving and raising expectations in many fields of information technology nowadays. Computer-aided "mining" for complex correlations in huge bulks of data is a topic of particular interest for a software company from Graz being engaged in…

Measures for Socio-Technical Congruence

Master's thesis Gabriele Zorn-Pauli 2010

Extracting Human Goals from Weblogs

Bachelor's thesis Daniel Lamprecht 2010

Evaluierung web-basierter 3D-Technologien

Master's thesis Markus Bader 2010

People are confronted with an ever increasing amount of information each day, therefore meaningful information visualisations become more and more important. High quality 3D contents can be found on the web more often, due to faster computer hardware and higher internet bandwidth. So information visualisations on the web provide an…

Synchronnutzung von Medien

Master's thesis Andreas Rechberger 2010
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