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Big Data Outlier Detection in Real-Time Systems

Master's thesis Álvaro Perez Ramon 2014

The presented research provides an answer for the detection of anomalies in big datawhen the processing of the information has to be done in “quasi” real-time.An overview of the following topics is given:• what big data is• available tools for processing big data, as well as doing it in real-time•…

Authorship Attribution Techniques Applied to Web Forums

Master's thesis Álvaro García Hortelano 2014

In this thesis an approach for Authorship Attribution is presented with a focus on Webforums. The approach thereby is based on distance metrics for comparision betweenfrequency vectors of multiple feature spaces, which are extracted by the existing NaturalLanguage Processing tools and used in existing literature on authorship attribution.An algorithm trains…

A User Interaction Concept for an Informational Cockpit in Virtual Development

Master's thesis Christian Kaiser 2014

User Interfaces for Sensemaking on the Web

Master's thesis Matthias Rella 2014

The term "sensemaking" refers to a universal concept being investigated in various sciences specifically or interdisciplinary. Briefly spoken from the perspective of the information sciences, sensemaking occurs when a person has to deal with a huge, perhaps overwhelming, and heterogeneous amount of information and make sense out of it. This…

Visualizing Scientific Conference Tweets using Clustering

Master's thesis David Pocivalnik 2013

Twitter data has been used in research for various applications. Lately the scientific community has recognized the potential of Twitter and makes use of it during scientific conferences. This may indicate that interesting information is provided by the scientific community during scientific conferences. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to read…

SPARQL-Query Wizard

Master's thesis Karl Kappaun 2012

The Internet evolves from a simple collection of linked documents and a user which is only a consumer of the offered information, to an more interactive space, where the concept of „meaning“ gains more and more importance. The Semantic Web is born and comes with an evolution of interlinked, machine…

Aufzeichnung von mobilen Sensordaten

Master's thesis Stefan Edler 2012

  Mobile phone sensing has started as an area of research and development when mobile phones became smartphones due to the different technological improvements. Research in this area, referring to the amount of publications, is growing very fast and it is not restricted to a large research group. Mobile phone…

Generating Learning Object Metadata (LOM) from UGC

Master's thesis Philip Kohler 2012

Visual Approach of Utilizing Mobile Sensor Data

Master's thesis Georg Bachmann 2012

When looking at the development of mobile devices in the past few years, it is obvious that smartphones and tablet computers are gaining more and more relevance. In Austria alone, smartphones constitute around one third of all mobile phones in use. Not only do smartphones get faster processors, more efficient…

Usage-based Calculation of Knowledge Maturing Indicators for Digital Resources in a Personal and Organizational Learning and Maturing Environment

Master's thesis Dieter Theiler 2012

Research in the field of ‘Knowledge Maturing’ focuses on improving knowledge construction processes within organizations. As guidance of knowledge workers plays an important role when it comes to developing knowledge, tools are sought to foster ‘Knowledge Maturing’-related activities. In this master thesis, ‘Knowledge Maturing Indicators’ get calculated upon traces of…

Visualisierung heterogener Datensätze in strukturierten Informationsressourcen

Master's thesis Belgin Mutlu 2012

The concept of the semantic web provides a pragmatic way for the structured informa- tion retrieval based on relationships within a content of the linked data. This retrieval is realized by applying the specific queries, i.e. SPARQL queries, on well-constructed data models. Besides the filter and navigation functions, a result…

User Model Serivces for Adaptive Work-integrated Learning

Master's thesis Günter Beham 2011

A major challenge when designing software for work-integrated learning (WIL) is that the system provides real-time learning support adapted to a user’s situation and background knowledge (adaptive system). In order to adapt to the user’s situa- tion and characteristics, a user model is needed that is continuously updated to the…

Identifikation von relevanten Konzepten in einem Ontologie-basierten Kontext-Modell

Master's thesis Georg Kompacher 2011

Managing the massive amount of continously increasing personal information is becoming ever more difficult. Unobstrusive observation of the user in order to understanding the present user context can enable better support for the knowledge worker. The goal of this thesis is to identify entities of a user interaction context model…

Webbasierte Überwachung und Visualisierung von Anlagedaten

Master's thesis Thomas Gebhard 2010

The 21st century is characterized by a tremendous waste of energy and non-renewable resources. The effects of this behavior can be noticed throughout the world. Our society has already started to some extent to change their way of consumption towards a more sustainable utilization of available resources. The increasing importance…

Suche und Klassifikation von informationstechnologischen Spezifikationen

Master's thesis Matthias Hilpold 2010

In our days the amount of digital data increases every day. A part of this data is available through the Internet for everyone and at any time. Different search engines support the user to find the desired information on the Internet. Even on an Intranet of a large company the…

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