Here you can find theses of Know-Center employees

Konzeption und Entwicklung eines generischen Wissenserschliessungsframeworks

Dissertation Michael Granitzer 2006

Steadily increasing information amounts require new ways and techniques for making knowledge efficiently and goal oriented utilisable. The lack of structure in information, the incomplete allocation of metadata, and the vagueness of human language make things even more difficult. For making information utilisable for different user groups, various techniques from…

Metadaten im Kontext Wissenserschließung

Dissertation Mathias Lux 2006

Metadata is a broad term ranging from simple attribute structures describing data to huge and complex ontologies trying to formalize the knowledge about a resource. In knowledge discovery the extracted knowledge has to be codified and used for retrieval and inference. One major aspect is the comparison of knowledge and…

Semantische Modellierung des Journal of Computer Science

Bachelor's thesis Claudia Wagner 2006

Erfassen von Benutzerkontextinformationen mit AJAX

Thesis (old curriculum) Karl Köberl 2006

As a result of the huge amount of information in the recent years it is hard for a user to find important information. A solution is to use personalized systems in an intranet system or an Internet application. For a personalized system a user model is needed. To get a…

Wissensaustausch über (un)moderierte Diskussionsforen - Konzeption, Anwendung und Evaluierung im Kontext von Lehre an Universitäten

Dissertation Ines Puntschart 2006

(The description for this thesis is currently only available in German.) Ziel der Arbeit ist es zunächst zu untersuchen, wie Instrumente für den Wissensaustausch, speziell Diskussionsforen aber auch Blogs, in der Lehre effizient und effektiv eingesetzt werden können. Für diesen Zweck werden anhand eines Kreislaufes aus Design, Re-Design(s) und Evaluierung…

AD-HOC - Eine Methodik zur Entwicklung von virtuellen Lern-Arbeitsumgebungen

Dissertation Johannes Farmer 2006

Organizations rely heavily on their knowledge workers to learn efficiently and to apply knowledge effectively within their work processes. Hence virtual work-and-learning environments are needed that support newcomers and experienced workers in equal measure and provide task-specific learning support ad hoc. However, by now contextualized learning support is costly, because…

Organizational Competency Management - A Competence Performance Approach

Dissertation Tobias Ley 2006

This work is concerned with a new approach in organizational Competency Management. The goal is to develop a method that is practically feasible for organizational settings, is firmly based in psychological conceptions of human competence and performance in the workplace, and employs a degree of mathematical formalization that improves possibilities…

KnowFlow Report Engine – Ein graphen-basierter Ansatz zur automatischen Auswertung und Darstellung von Wissensprozessen einer Organisation

Thesis (old curriculum) Sebastian Dahlmann 2006

Management of knowledge gains more importance in many organisations. It is often referred to as one of the key success factors. However, knowledge processes in terms of generation, storage, transfer and application are still hard to identify. Most previous attempts failed to evaluate and represent knowledge processes, because they are…

Technology-Enhanced Workplace Learning: Modelling Competence and Performance for the Case of Requirements Engineering

Thesis (old curriculum) Barbara Kump 2006

From a psychological point of view, two models are required for the construction of an adaptive learning environment for informal, self-directed work-integrated learning (e.g., APOSDLE): the Knowledge Base, a model of the structured expert knowledge of a domain, and the S tudent Model, a model of the competencies of the…

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