Here you can find theses of Know-Center employees

Intraorganisationaler Wissenstransfer mit Wikis und Weblogs: Eine explorative Mehrfachfallstudie

Dissertation Alexander Stocker 2009

Web 2.0 has emerged as the new user-centered Web equipped with social features. It empowers users to become the main creators of content: Many successful platforms including Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook and MySpace are built upon the principle of user-generated content. Stimulated by the huge success, innovative managers want to adopt…

Reflexionsintegration im arbeitsintegrierten Lernen

Thesis (old curriculum) Alfred Radl 2009

This paper deals with the concept of reflection, especially with the adoption of the reflective process to the field of work integrated learning. Reflection will be seen as an ability of a knowledge worker to increase the efficiency of his decision-making process. The knowledge worker is introduced as a person…

Information Gathering durch Microformate

Bachelor's thesis Marco Lautischer 2009

Evaluation des adaptiven Modells in einer arbeitsintegrierten Lernumgebung

Thesis (old curriculum) Cornelia Gerdenitsch 2009

Schema zur Kategorisierung von Web 2.0 Anwendungen in Unternehmen

Bachelor's thesis Benjamin Pölz 2009

Usability-Evaluierung von Visualisierungskomponenten zur temporal-thematischen Analyse von Textdokumentsätzen

Bachelor's thesis Doris Weitlaner 2009

Tracing and Understanding Discussions on the Web

Thesis (old curriculum) Selver Softic 2009

This work investigates methods to trace and understand discussions in on-line communities primarily in discussion forums carried out on the Web. The scope of this work focuses on opinion mining possibilities regarding Web-based discussion forums. A prototype was developed and evaluated as proof of concept, regarding a given domain, for…

Findr: Ein Framework Für Webbasierte Suche

Bachelor's thesis Pulkit Chouhan 2009

Kognitionspsychologische Aspekte von Collaborative Tagging: Assoziative Aktivierung und Basiskategorien-Effekte bei der gemeinschaftlichen Verschlagwortung von Internetressourcen

Thesis (old curriculum) Paul Seitlinger 2009

Authentifizierung in Netzwerken unter Verwendung eines Single Sign-On Systems

Thesis (old curriculum) Alexander Plaschke 2009

Usage of distributed network services and applications has recently become an integral element in daily corporate business as well as in private use. Nevertheless, users have to interact and communicate with a variety of systems, each one using its own dedicated identification mechanism. Over a certain period of time users…

Programmverhalten nachhaltig nach Drupal portieren -- Unterstützung des Prozess "User generated Content" innerhalb einer bestehenden Community

Bachelor's thesis Sophie Steinparz 2009

Adaptive Ontology Learning im Kontext Information-Retrieval

Master's thesis Georg Öttl 2009

Recent IE systems extract named entities rule based, with machine learning approaches or by using a mixture of both. The main drawback of a rule based approach is that it requires the manual adaption of rules to a particular dataset. A machine learning algorithm, on the other hand, typically needs…

Bedarfsanalyse eines Web 2.0 Portals für IT-Jobnomaden

Bachelor's thesis Michael Kober 2009

Social-focused Network Analysis of User Goals Extracted from a Large Search Query Log

Master's thesis Christian Körner 2009

Search engines represent a primary instrument for users of the World Wide Web to express their informational needs. However, during the process of search query formulation, the original intention behind a search query is often lost. This master's thesis aims to address this problem by studying the construction of different…

Relevanz-Feedback in Information Retrieval Systemen

Thesis (old curriculum) Peter Prettenhofer 2009

This thesis explores the use of connectionist models for adaptive information retrieval. In general, adaptive information retrieval refers to the process of adapting the search towards the users context and need (cf. [Joho et al., 2008]). In particular, the goal of an adaptive information retrieval system is to improve retrieval…


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