Science meets Industry Science meets Industry

Humans are in the center
One of the biggest scientific challenges of our time is merging the analysis of big data amounts with human-centered computing. The goal of our application-oriented research is to enable humans to not only analyze big data but also use them in a meaningful way. Technology takes the back seat and human beings come into focus.
Our cognitive computing research goes even further: we want to create systems that can naturally interact with humans, learn from their experiences and make an evidence-based hypothesis.
Thanks to intelligent technologies combined with human expertise, actionable knowledge that helps humans and forms a basis for decisions can be acquired and problems can be solved.

Industry meets Science Industry meets Science

Oil, gold & co. were yesterday – today data are the major means of economic success!
Data-driven business is the buzzword. It describes business practices that are based on automated collection, interpretation and processing of large amounts of information and data, the so-called big data. Analyzing, linking, evaluating and presenting big amount of data offer companies competitive advantages, potential savings, access to new business areas and radically new business models. Without acknowledging with this development, a company – even a SME – will hardly be able to compete successfully the future global market.

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