Meet Know-Center @ Catalysts Coding Contest

The Catalysts Coding Contest (CCC) is one of Europe’s biggest programming competitions, organized by Catalysts, a software development company from Linz, Austria. This year it takes place on April 27, 2018 and same as last year, Know-Center again serves as local host together with TU Graz.

The Catalysts Coding Contest (CCC) takes place both on location in more than 10 international host cities as well as online.  Participants compete either alone or in a team (up to 3 members) to solve a programming challenge in several levels within four hours. Besides being a way to measure one’s programming skills, the CCC is also a great opportunity to connect and network for potential job opportunities.

Together with TU Graz, Know-Center is the location host in Graz and cordially invites you to participate in this contest!

Catalysts Coding Contest

Location: TU Graz –  Inffeldgasse 18, EG, Hörsaal i1
Date: 27th April 2018, starting at 2pm

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