"Learning 4.0" - this is the topic of the two EU-projects AFEL and MOVING in which the Know-Center participates. At the event “ Data Driven Future Forum: Learning Analytics“ researches presented the first results.

Dr. Stefan Thalmann, one of the AFEL experts, gave an overview of the AFEL project and the developed tools, but also some insights on how “Analytics for Everyday Learning” might be useful in different work-related settings.

Dr. Angela Fessl, one of the researchers in the MOVING project, presented the MOVING Platform including the two widgets for providing adaptive training support. Her presentation included not only how meaningful reflection guidance can be applied in order to motivate people to improve their own search behaviour, but also how guidance can be provided to follow a pre-defined learning path through a curriculum to improve the own competence on information literacy.

Univ.-Ass. Dr. Viktoria Pammer-Schindler finally presented the focus of the KC area “Data-driven Business” by highlighting how technology can be applied to support learning from different perspectives including the access to explicit knowledge, the facilitation of communication and the documenting, structuring and analyzing learning-relevant experiences.

The subsequent discussions was very fruitful and vital, showing that people from industry, science and school are very interested in the topic of learning analytics.

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