Topical Landscape Visualisation

Master Thesis

In this work you will develop methods for visualizing document collections using the topical landscape visual metaphor. A topical landscape resembles a geographic map where text documents are placed in such a way that similar ones are close to each other, while dissimilar ones are far apart – the so called “similarity layout”. The resulting landscape consist of peaks representing agglomerations of thematically similar documents. Your tasks include one or more of the following (TBD): i) increasing the quality of algorithms for computing the similarity layout, ii) development of a scalable Web-based thematic landscape visualization component iii) implementing and evaluating novel interaction and exploration mechanisms for the landscape. Depending on this choice your development work may target a server component for number crunching and/or a client visualization component. The client component shall be realized using Web technologies (JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas or WebGL).

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Vedran Sabol
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